Elevate Your Valentine’s Day Floral Preparations with Chrysal!

As Cupid prepares his arrows, let’s embark on a journey to create a memorable Valentine’s Day at your store with Chrysal. Our comprehensive guide ensures your floral arrangements stand out, offering an exquisite experience for your customers.

January Prep Checklist: Setting the Stage for Love

The season of love requires meticulous preparations. Here’s your checklist:

  • Chrysal Dosing Unit Maintenance: A clean and functional dosing unit is crucial. [Learn More]
  • Cooler Temperature Control: Maintain 34-38°F for optimal flower storage.
  • Supplies Replenishment: Stock up on Chrysal Cleaner, Professional solutions, T-Bags, and flower food packets.
  • Tool TLC: Sharpen or replace cutters/choppers and tools.
  • Cleaning Ritual: Establish a routine with Chrysal Cleaner for surfaces, buckets, and tools.

Expert Tips for Floral Handling:

  • Swiftly store flowers in the cooler; time is of the essence.
  • Follow temperature guidelines for different flower types.
  • Handle with care; avoid rough handling and stack boxes on pallets.

For Floral Associates: Craftsmanship at Its Best

  1. Sanitation Mastery: Embrace cleanliness with Chrysal Cleaner.
  2. Processing Excellence: Follow Chrysal’s guidelines for maximum vase life.
  3. Best Practices: Handle delicate blooms with precision.

Customer Service: Making Blooms Last Longer!

  • Encourage extra Chrysal flower food packets for customers.
  • Discourage home remedies; introduce Chrysal Arrive Alive for extended hydration without a vase.
  • Arrive Alive guarantees 2-5 days of freshness, perfect for on-the-go customers or click-and-collect orders.

Discover Our Floral Solutions: Tools for Excellence

Explore our curated selection, including Chrysal Flower Stripper, Chrysal Professional #2, Chrysal Professional #3, LeafShine, Chrysal Cleaner, Chrysal Glory, and the Chrysal Arrive Alive Eco.

Let’s make this Valentine’s Day truly special with Chrysal!


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