Embrace a Blossoming Mother’s Day – Your Essential Prep Guide

As Mother’s Day approaches, the air fills with anticipation and the sweet scent of preparation. For many, this day is not just about celebrating our mothers but showing appreciation through thoughtful gestures and, most prominently, flowers. To ensure this Mother’s Day is as vibrant and fragrant as the bouquets you prepare, here’s an essential guide to help you prepare for the occasion.

  1. Start with a Clean Slate: Ensure all your equipment and tools are pristine before the rush begins. Clean and check dosing units, sharpen or replace cutting tools like knives and scissors, and ensure your coolers are set to the perfect temperature (34-38°F) to keep your blooms fresh and lively.
  1. Stock Up on Supplies: Check your inventory early. Make sure you have enough cleaner, solutions, and flower food. It’s better to overprepare than to run out at the last minute. Also, remember to order an ample supply of flowers to meet the increased demand, focusing on popular Mother’s Day choices like roses, carnations, and lilies.
  1. Floral Care and Handling: Carefully handle each flower to maintain its beauty and longevity. Use the correct dosage of flower food and process flowers in pre-chilled buckets. Avoid common myths like using sugar or bleach; stick to professional products designed for floral care.
  1. Special Touches for Customer Satisfaction: Offer your customers extra packets of flower food and educate them on how to refresh vase solutions. For those picking up flowers, consider adding services like the Arrive Alive® Eco, which provides a hydration solution for flowers during transportation, ensuring they remain fresh until they can be arranged appropriately at home.
  1. Final Preparations: As orders begin to roll in, keep your workspace organized and maintain a clean environment to ensure efficiency and hygiene. Also, prepare your team for the influx of customers and orders, ensuring everyone is knowledgeable about the products and ready to offer the best customer service.
  1. Celebrate and Share: Once you’re set, take a moment to appreciate your hard work and dedication. Share your preparations and floral arrangements on social media to engage with your community and attract more visitors to your shop.

Mother’s Day is more than a busy time for florists; it’s an opportunity to participate in countless heartfelt expressions of love. With these preparations in place, you’re ready to help make Mother’s Day special for everyone.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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