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Chrysal Clear Flower Food Sachets 1 Qt x 100 (Bag)


Chrysal Clear Flower Food Packets are a perfect solution for enhancing the beauty and longevity of your cut flowers at home. Each box contains 100 packets designed to nourish and maximize the vase life of various flower types.

Key Features:

  1. Universal Cut Flower Food: Ideal for all types of flowers, Chrysal Clear Flower Food provides the essential nourishment needed for the full development of your cut flowers.
  2. Maximizes Vase Life: By providing essential nutrients and maintaining the optimal pH level, our flower food helps your arrangements thrive and last longer than when placed in water. 
  3. Clear Solution: Chrysal Clear Flower Food creates a clear solution, making it perfect for use in transparent vases. This enhances the overall aesthetic of your floral arrangements.
  4. Enhances Beauty: The unique blend of pH regulators, water absorption promoters, and flower nutrients in Chrysal cut flower food enhances the color, scent, and shape of fresh-cut flowers, providing a visually stunning and aromatic display.
  5. Easy to Use: Each sachet is suitable for one vase of flowers, offering convenient and precise dosing for home use.


  • pH Regulators: Ensure the optimal pH level for the water, promoting a balanced environment for your flowers.
  • Water Absorption Promoters: Facilitate efficient water uptake, keeping your flowers hydrated.
  • Flower Nutrients: Provide essential nutrients to support cut flowers’ overall health and vitality.

Bring out the best in your floral arrangements with Chrysal Clear Flower Food Packets. Elevate the beauty of your home decor and express your creativity with long-lasting, vibrant flowers.

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Chrysal Clear Flower Food Sachets 1 Qt x 100 (Bag)