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Chrysal FlowPro 2


Chrysal FlowPro 2, the perfect solution for nurturing flowers and maximizing their beauty and longevity.

Chrysal FlowPro 2 is meticulously formulated to provide just the right amount of nutrients for the natural development of flowers, ensuring they bloom at their peak while preventing premature opening. This means your customers can enjoy their flowers for longer, enhancing their satisfaction and enjoyment.

Did you know that with Chrysal FlowPro 2, you can reuse the solution for up to 5 days? This not only saves you time and effort by reducing the frequency of water changes and bucket cleaning but also translates to significant cost savings, making it an economical choice for your floral business.

Benefits of Chrysal FlowPro 2:

  1. Convenient Sizes: From sachets and T-Bags to 10L Bag in Box, 15 & 50-gallon barrels, and even totes on pallets, we offer flexibility to meet your unique needs.
  2. Time-Saving: Eliminates the need for stem recutting, saving precious time.
  3. Reduced Wastage: Minimizes flower wastage, thereby lowering costs.
  4. Extended Sales Period: Extends the distribution and sales period, maximizing profits.
  5. Cost-Efficient: Decreases water consumption and labor costs by allowing solution reuse.
  6. Risk Reduction: Minimizes the risk of consumer claims, ensuring customer satisfaction.
  7. Enhanced Longevity: Extends the longevity of flowers by up to 50% compared to water alone.
  8. Improved Water Uptake: Stimulates water uptake, preventing “bent-neck” and ensuring upright blooms.
  9. Optimal pH: Lowers water pH for optimal flower health.
  10. Color Retention: Enhances color retention and keeps leaves and stems firm and green.

Experience the difference with Chrysal FlowPro 2 and elevate your floral arrangements to new heights of beauty and freshness.

Dimensions 10 × 9 × 11 in
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Chrysal FlowPro 2