Chrysal LeafShine & Seal


Chrysal LeafShine & Seal is a water-based product designed to make dust and traces of calcium, rust, and water invisible on plant leaves. This innovative solution restores the natural gloss of leaves and keeps them dust-free, making it ideal for use by growers, florists, and interior landscapers.

The kit includes 1 bottle of Chrysal LeafShine & Seal Spray for easy mixing and application. With no need to clean or dry leaves beforehand and no rubbing required afterward, Chrysal LeafShine & Seal is harmless to plant respiration and perfect for plant care in offices and public rooms.

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Simply dilute Chrysal LeafShine & Seal with tap water according to your desired level of gloss:

  • 1:20 for very high gloss
  • 1:40 for high gloss
  • 1:100 for silk gloss
  • 1:200 for matte gloss

Elevate your plant care routine with Chrysal LeafShine & Seal – ensuring naturally shining leaves with ease!

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 12 × 9 in
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Chrysal LeafShine & Seal