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Chrysal Professional #3 Powder Vase Solution – 10 lb. (Pail)


Chrysal Professional #3 Powder Vase Solution in a 10 lb. Pail is the essential flower food supplement for prolonging the vase life of your flowers. This powdered solution ensures full flower development in both vase and floral foam arrangements.

Chrysal Professional #3 keeps flowers in peak condition, maintaining true colors, reducing fading, and prolonging vase life. Ideal for companies creating flower arrangements, wholesalers, bouquet makers, and florists alike, it promotes bud opening of immature flowers like carnations.

Experience the benefits of Chrysal Professional #3:

  • Keeps flowers in optimum condition.
  • Maintains true colors and reduces fading.
  • Prolongs vase life.
  • Leaves and stems remain firm and green.

This odorless powder dissolves clearly in water, ensuring easy application for all your floral needs. Elevate your flower arrangements and guarantee customer satisfaction with Chrysal Professional #3 Powder Vase Solution.

Weight 12 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 8 × 12 in
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Chrysal Professional #3 Powder Vase Solution – 10 lb. (Pail)