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RosePro Liquid Flower Food Sticks 1 Qt x 75 (Bag)


RosePro Flower Food Stick: For the complete development of roses in mono and mixed bouquets. It is suitable for every rose variety and ensures you can enjoy the flowers longer. It contains sufficient food for the full development of roses and enhances performance in relation to bud opening, colors, and size of blooms.
This specially formulated liquid stick rose food increases vase life by 75% and enters the flower quicker and more precise.

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Key Features:

  • Enhanced Vase Life: Our specially formulated liquid stick rose food increases the vase life of your roses by an impressive 75%, ensuring that your arrangements stay fresh and beautiful for an extended period.
  • Scientifically Proven: It is scientifically proven that liquid flower food enters the flower more quickly and precisely, providing essential nutrients directly to the blooms.
  • Convenient Packaging: Each box contains 75 liquid packets designed to be used with 1 quart of water, making it easy to prepare the perfect solution for your roses.
  • Effective Ingredients: RosePro Liquid Flower Food Sticks contain pH regulators, water absorption promoters, and flower nutrients, ensuring the optimal conditions for your roses to thrive.

Experience the difference with RosePro Liquid Flower Food Sticks and enjoy the beauty of your roses for an extended period. Say goodbye to wilted blooms and hello to long-lasting, vibrant arrangements with our scientifically advanced formula.

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 8 in
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RosePro Liquid Flower Food Sticks 1 Qt x 75 (Bag)